Best of Circle of Nine


A compilation of the most popular quilt projects from Circle of Nine!

  • 14 popular projects from favorite quilt books Circle of Nine and Quilting A Circle of Nine
  • Step-by-step instructions, setting scheme diagrams, patterns and templates, and precise measurement instructions
  • Learn the basics of the Circle of Nine quilt setting to improve your quilting capabilities for future projects
  • Essential guide to fully understanding Circle of Nine quilt construction
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From the perennial favorite quilt books Circle of Nine and Quilting A Circle of Nine, this new compilation from Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright gathers the 14 most popular quilt projects into one book with a complete how-to section that guarantees success!

Learning the fundamentals of the Circle of Nine setting allows you to easily design a multitude of original, unique, and beautiful quilts using your favorite blocks. One simple setting with variations, sample spacers, and sample blocks helps you get started on the path to creating your own original quilts. No two quilts will ever look alike with this one simple 9-block setting!

Best of Circle of Nine includes complete step-by-step directions, quilt patterns and templates, precise measurements, Circle of Nine construction techniques, and setting scheme diagrams and illustrations.

The section on understanding spacers provides a variety of designs to inspire your creativity. Spacers are the units that pull the nine blocks in a Circle of Nine setting together. Best of Circle of Nine contains more than 50 spacer suggestions in a variety of sizes and designs. Learn how simply turning the spacers can create an entirely new design!

The section on understanding blocks provides a variety of blocks to play with. Most quilt blocks are based on a geometric grid made up of identical size squares. Some of the most common grids are One-Patch, Four-Patch, Nine-Patch, and Sixteen-Patch. You can easily count the grid units to see how the blocks get their names! There are some popular exceptions, notably the versatile Square-in-a-Square block (which is also covered in this book).

With Best of Circle of Nine, you’ll learn all the basics for the vital Circle of Nine quilt setting to take your skills to the next level for all your future patchwork projects!